Poetry appreciation has returned to the Banks ‘o’ the Tyne. Our fortnightly gatherings hosted by Happy Planet Creative Arts at The Mission in North Shields have restarted after a short break.

Newcomers as well as old faithfuls shared poems, homemade biscuits and stories. The theme of the evening was journey/travel and our narrative arc included Scotland, Spain, wet plate collodion, Paris, budgies, Hull, railways, Bill Nighy, Tynemouth and Teignmouth.

One of our “regulars” Angie told us all about her recent work experience in the world famous Paris bookshop, Shakespeare and Company. She is now a fully fledged Tumbleweed, the name given to all the young students and would be writers who worked in the shop by its founder, the late George Whitman.

shakespeare and company

Poems shared included Last Post by Carol Ann Duffy, Auden’s September 1st 1939 and two bods brought the same poem, The Journey by Mary Oliver.


Two attendees shared their own work and regular Alan entertained us with poems about North East legend, Geordie Broon of Backworth.

A grand night was had by all. Next evening on Tuesday 12th August when the theme will be Night Life.