Creative Services


I offer a bespoke mentoring service for adult writers of all ages and abilities. I can help with kick-starting creativity, reading through and offering advice on work in progress and honing performance skills.

I worked for five and a half years as an Activities Co-ordinator in North Tyneside care homes. As a result, I am drawn towards supporting elderly/retired folk connect with their creativity in small group or one to one settings. Contact me for more information (contact me)

Since 2015 I’ve assisted dozens of writers in the North East and beyond. I have fond memories of helping my friend the late John Gardham Lowe with his collection of short stories and poems, Kisses From Above. Sadly John died before the book’s publication but the launch event was a celebration of his work and life.

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied writers:-

I worked with Elaine to help refine the final draft of my novel Bonny & Read before sending it out to agents in early 2021. Within a week I’d had call-ins for the full manuscript, and I am delighted to say I now have agent representation for the book – and this after dozens of previous rejections. My agent said it was the cleanest manuscript submission she had ever seen, and Elaine was key to ensuring that this is what I delivered.Julie Walker

Bonny & Read was published by Hodder and Stoughton in August 2022.

Elaine was recommended to me by a friend and fellow writer as an editor and mentor who could assist me with the polishing and copy edit. Elaine took the manuscript and gave it back to me covered in red marks from beginning to end. I realised that I still had a great deal to learn. However, I was encouraged by the positive remarks from Elaine, ‘It’s a good story and your unique voice is coming through.

I persevered as did Elaine and after a further eighteen months of pain, sweat and tears, we arrived at the finished product: Miles & Miles A Lifetime of Travel in Asia and Latin America. The book has received many good reviews on Amazon currently with 5/5 stars and likewise on Goodreads in the USA with 4/5 stars. Writing a book is not an easy option. Perseverance, patience and determination are essential…and with Elaine by your side, you will succeed.Miles W. Hewitt

Elaine was very encouraging towards me producing my 2017 poetry book Lines From An Unfinished Love Song, as well as proof reading and editing it for me. She also supported me to read it at book events when it was completed. I found Elaine to be honest and open in her appraisal and questioning, which enabled me to see my work from different perspectives. Elaine is a good listener, a creative problems solver and both realistic and optimistic when it comes to setting project goals.Gail Curry


I also run creative writing and performance improvement workshops. Past clients include U3A, Linskill Centre, Age UK North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums, Bowes Railway Museum and North Tyneside Council.

I usually work with groups of between 12- 20 people. I have adapted to life after Covid restrictions and can work with smaller groups. Please contact me for further information (contact me)