You can listen to or download some of the tracks I’ve recorded here. 

To download please click the three vertical dots to the right of the playback bar for each track and then select download option. If you can’t see the dots then you can’t download ’em!

I Live By The River

Fresh Oysters

Both written and arranged by David O’Connell and Elaine Cusack.
The tracks were recorded in 2003 and are part of The Princess Rocks But Gently EP available here

You can also download demos from my Princess and the Piano collaboration with Whitley Bay musician Mike Waller. The Princess and the Piano is a mini-musical inspired by my illustrated poetic memoir The Princess of Felling. These tracks were recorded in January 2020 in Gateshead’s Soundroom recording studio.

The Princess of Felling (demo)

The Princess and the Goose (demo)

Both written and arranged by Mike Waller and Elaine Cusack