I’ve been collaborating with artist and printmaker, Anne Proctor for over two years. We met, inevitably, at Tynemouth Station’s weekend market where we both have stalls, hit it off and started collaborating.

Anne’s created three beautiful handmade books filled with her images and words and my words: Allotments No 1, Swifts Screech and Circle in the Afternoon Sun and Waspish (made out of a Wasps’ nest).


Our next book, Souvenir of Tynemouth is almost finished and will be available for sale at my gig at Jam Jar Cinema on March 22nd, from Anne and I’s stalls at Tynemouth market plus Anne’s Moonkwayk Studio store on Etsy.

I’m blown away by Anne’s artistic response to my poem about a place we know well: Tynemouth Station. Check out Anne’s blog https://anneproctor.wordpress.com/ for snippets about the book but your best bet is holding the book in your hands. It is a work of art.


I’m thoroughly looking forward to performing Souvenir of Tynemouth at The Jam Jar Cinema on March 22nd. I will be performing alongside poet George Jowett

George jowett

and the musical duo The Primates (they devised and run the Whitley Bay Film Festival, you know…)

The Primates

For tickets and more information visit www.jamjarcinema.com

jam jar