Last Tuesday Poetry with Friends at The Mission transferred to The Station Masters’ Community Wildlife Garden next to Whitley Bay Metro Station. It was the first of four visits by Happy Planet’s Poetry with Friends groups to the garden as it celebrates its own Year of Art in 2015.

The weather was a worry but thankfully the rain held off. As the night set in we needed blankets and cups of sweet tea to keep us warm but…it was worth it. Great poems and wonderful conversation.

Attendees brought their favourite poems including work by Dorothy Parker, D.H. Lawrence, Shakespeare, Gavin Ewart and Lewis Carroll plus self-penned work by Linda, Elizabeth and Ken.

station master

I took my usual pile of books but read from only one: Limehaven by Vicky Arthurs. This is my current favourite poetry book. I can’t quote from Vicky’s introduction as I’ve lent my copy to Elizabeth. The collection is marvellous. It’s a tribute to Vicky’s grandparents and is full of well-written, heart-felt beautiful poems. I love it and that’s why I chose so many poems from it. Check out Vicky’s website


Oh yes and it was Bloomsday the 16th June and the annual celebration of James Joyce and his book, Ulysses. Last Tuesday was also the 59th wedding anniversary of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath who were married in St George the Martyr Church in Holborn on Bloomsday. I always think of them as I walk past the church on my regular visits to the capital.

st georges

Poetry with Friends returns to the Station Master’s Garden this Thursday 25th from 11 am to 1pm and we’ll be back for another Tuesday evening and Thursday morning in July. Thanks to Sara Lee for sorting out the seating for us last Tuesday. Much appreciated.

Poetry with Friends at The Mission is back in the usual Lower Rudyerd Street venue next Tuesday June 30th. Check Happy Planet’s website

and facebook page for more information