Matsuo Bashō’s Haiku, William Carlos Williams’ Imagist classics plus poems by Ellen Phethean, Craig Charles, Sylvia Plath, Liz Lochhead, Charles Causley and more. Tonight’s Poetry with Friends at the Mission was a lively and enjoyable do. So good to see new faces alongside our regulars.

The theme was Food Glorious Food and not one but four (Fab Four!)  Roger McGough poems were shared over the two hours. Newcomer Jen’s version of The Demon Drink by William McGonagall got a round of applause. What delivery!


I threw in Rudyard Kipling’s If because…he does write exceedingly good poems.

Our next session is on Tuesday 7th October.  Our theme is Black History Month.  We start our new Poetry with Friends at Whitley Bay Library next Thursday 2nd October from 11 am.

Happy Planet’s exhibition runs at Whitley Bay Library this week until Friday and our Open Day takes place the next day at The Mission

happy planet open day