“I am approaching the end of the beginning,” said a participant in today’s Finding the Words workshop run by Jennifer C Wilson and I.

finding the words

What does “the end of the beginning” mean? Why, we were sharing our thoughts about our respective creative writing journeys, of course. Another participant said “I write but I don’t think” and we nodded in agreement. We were there to write and not think too much about the process. We wanted to do and feel rather than agonise over precise wording.

Bay Traders

The all day workshop held in Whitley Bay’s library was divided into Scavenger Hunt in the morning and Found Poetry in the afternoon. In the morning we visited Don’s shop, Bay Traders for inspiration

Don's shop one

Then we scampered back to the library to spill our ideas onto paper. After lunch Jennifer talked us through “Found Poetry” which proved a hit with all attendees.

Group sesh good

Thanks to attendees and Jennifer for a stimulating and engrossing day. I’m still buzzing….