My latest poetry pamphlet Loose Threads and Sacred Spaces was published 30 days ago and a good deal has happened since then.

I’ve sold copies of the beautiful book, which was designed and laid out by Talking Pen aka diarist, editor, publisher and poet, Steve Urwin. The initial small print run comes in five different cover/endpaper/paper combos I’ve dubbed flavours: Butterscotch, Chocolate Orange, Morello Cherry, Pistachio and Slushy Pup Cyan Blue.

Yummy! Click on the pic to purchase your Chocolate Orange copy!

I’ve had lovely feedback from early purchasers of Loose Threads, including this from one of my local writing heroes, Tom Kelly

An honest, readable and rewarding collection that charts pain and heartache and yet there is a ‘Happy Ending’ to be found in the penultimate poem,

I thought I died years ago.

Turns out I’m alive after all

or perhaps I am reborn.’

Attractively designed and layout (in five different colours) by the redoubtable Steve Urwin: this collection stays in heart and head.

Thanks, Tom and to all who have bought the book and attended my tie-in performances, including last Saturday’s Mellow and Fruitful at Bowes Railway Museum in Springwell.

Plath-inspired skirt (Poppies in October) and cool boots.

My next gig is on the 11th November at Whitley Bay’s Brewery. I’ll be performing alongside Renata Connors and James Tucker at Seven Bells. Sandy Chadwin is host that evening. He’ll be opening the doors at 7pm and the event kicks off at 7.30pm. Buy your advance tickets here.

The author with another satisfied customer, October 2021