Before poetry there was music. I started writing poetry over 30 years ago but I’ve loved music since childhood.

I remember lying in bed aged four and conducting an imaginary orchestra for my production of Swan Lake. I’d do this in order to stay awake for my Mam’s return from teaching at an evening class. I usually nodded off before she arrived home.

volumeMy adolescent and teenage years were filled with Top of the Pops, The Tube, The Oxford Road Show, Whistle Test, NME, Smash Hits, gigs at Newcastle City Hall, The Mayfair and Riverside, buying records at HMV, Windows and Volume Records on Newcastle’s Ridley Place.

My love of music spurred me on to earn a living as a music journalist and to start up several bands. Why? Because being in a band was and still is the coolest thing.

Music is the inspiration behind a creative writing workshop I’m co-running with Jennifer Wilson on Saturday here in Whitley Bay. Fancy joining us?

Teenage Kicks: Creative Writing Workshop takes place this coming Saturday, 4th March, at Whitley Bay Library.Attendees are  encouraged to  ‘bring along’  favourite songs (mentally only, no CDs needed!), and see where they go when combined with Jennifer’s prompts. Charming Salon Party

Jennifer and I will be sharing songs and pieces of music to conjure up new inspiration, and show how songs can inspire some fascinating moods, characters and plots. 

Teenage Kicks: Creative Writing Workshop Saturday 4th March, St Mary’s room, Whitley Bay library.  Tickets cost £15 . Advance booking recommended. Click here to book