Was the dog named after a modern dance pioneer? Was I being ironic, greedy or thirsty when I ordered a large glass of red wine to take into the screening?Two of the questions I asked myself as I fell asleep last night. This morning I woke to more questions and reflections about Another Round, the Danish-Swedish-Dutch comedy drama I’d watched at Whitley Bay’s Jam Jar Cinema.

I love the way films seep into me after watching them on the big screen. It’s the post-screening ruminations I’ve missed during our numerous lockdowns. Last night as I readied myself to leave home, I took a call from a friend. She too was heading out for the evening. Her destination was Newcastle’s Theatre Royal to see Six, the smash hit musical she’d been trying to see for yonks.

A month ago I pre-booked a ticket at Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery to see Challenging Convention, an exhibition about the lives, art and legacies of Laura Knight, Dod Procter, Gwen John and Vanessa Bell. I got lost in the exhibition, gorged myself on postcards in the gift shop afterwards and then floated out and onto the city’s Quayside for a meander. I wanted time to mull over what I’d seen.

It’s this reflective thinking time I’ve missed over the last 16 months. Sure, books, TV, podcasts and radio have challenged my brain cells but there’s nowt like a live cultural event going on in front of your eyes, is there? As I type I’m wondering if I’ll book tickets for a gig next month. Something’s been holding me back but perhaps it’s time I got out into the North East cultural scene again.

In the meantime I’ll get on with my Wednesday and reflect on Mads Mikkelsen’s dancing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then go and see Another Round in your local cinema.