“Anger is an Energy” sings John Lydon in PiL’s Rise. This 29 year old song still sounds great and he’s right, you know, it is an en-er-gee.

Anger was one of the emotions expressed at Tuesday night’s Poetry with Friends at The Mission. Our theme for the evening was “Emotions” and it brought out the home-grown verse from regulars Jackie, Alan, John, Rowland and me! Rowland, fresh from a talk on lyrics brought some Wagner lyrics too.


The conversation took us from love and anger to Portland Down, sadness, war and beyond. The biscuits helped, as they always do. Here’s the full list of poems (and lyrics) shared:

John Drinkwater Moonlit Apples

Jackie You took your DVD player !!!

Rainer Maria Rilke Autumn Day

John Facilis Descensus Averno

Wagner Isolde’s Aria

Alan Autumn

John Naughty at Forty

Elaine Waspish

William Stephenson The Age of 80

Rowland All that there was

Rowland In the heat of summer

Jackie Whose Home

John Shells

John The Scream

Albert Giraud Moon Drunk

John The photograph

e e cummings my sweet old etcetera

Willie Nelson Nothing I can do about it now


Our next Poetry with Friends at The Mission will be the “Big Spooky Bang” night on Tuesday November 3rd. Gail’s making soup and the theme is fireworks and other celebrations. If you want to book a place email gail@happyplanetcreativearts.org.uk