“Nurtured in storms the infant year” one of the poems (by Henry Pye)  shared in Poetry with Friends at The Mission on Tuesday May 26th.


The subject matter was Weather, suggested by Linda. We brought and shared poems by Jessica Wortley, Paul Summers, Martin Newell,  Andy Croft, Roger McGough, Michael Longley, Helen Dunmore, Simon Armitage, Ted Hughes, Ruth Fainlight, Wendy Cope and everybody’s fave, Anon.


Alan shared home grown poems, picked that afternoon from his creative allotment and the conversation moved from how to write poems to climate, the weather, “quasi mystical experiences”, gardening, ageing and Gilbert and George.

Alan made us write a line each to produce a poem on the spot and we revved ourselves up for our next session this coming tuesday evening in The Station Masters’ Garden in Whitley Bay.

Here’s the poem we created together:

I’ve never played on Newcastle’s right wing
Goal, goal, goal, win, win, win!
The Ref blows his whistle, it’s the red card for me
I shoot, I score, I make pots of money
And whether you like it, a little or a lot
I earn more than David Cameron
More than a doctor dentist or surgeon
Cos I am a bank nurse on £3,000 a shift
Social housing? Not me, I’m buying to let!