I started the week well with a mid-morning visit to Cramlington Writers’ Group. I had a fantastic, enlightening, enjoyable time with nine other writers and several packets of biscuits.

The group has about 15 active members and has been meeting for around the same number of years. Members have come and gone as have venues but the unique energy of the group keeps it motoring along.

A mix of backgrounds and literary leanings blend with shared core creative values. This group likes to push itself creatively. I found this inspiring. I had set a task for the group involving Haiku. The members rose to the challenge and read out an awe-inspiring amount of wonderful Haiku. I was impressed.

The group shared their thoughts on issues big and small as well as the names of favourite books. John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath got two votes so here’s a picture of the great man. They don’t make ’em like John anymore….

john Steinbeck

Thank you to David for initially inviting me and to Pat for co-ordinating the visit. Thanks to the rest of the group for being so welcoming. I hope we meet again.