A new face, a newish face and a few familiar faces sat around the table in Whitley Bay library today for Poetry with Friends.

The theme was Secrets which led us off on conversational tangents…once again.

The poems we shared and enjoyed were:

  • A Puppy Called Puberty by Adrian Mitchell
  • Material Signposts by Maureen Oliphant
  • Secretly We Spoke by Rumi
  • At Last the Secret is out by W H Auden


  • Blood Relative by Elaine Cusack
  • Super Secret Agent by Anon
  • Love’s Secret by William Blake
  • Dawn by Frederico Garcia Lorca
  • Winter: My Secret by Christina Rossetti
  • In Defence of Adultery by Julia Copus


The next Poetry with Friends at Whitley Bay Library takes place on November 27th and the theme is “Previously…”