What links Groucho Marx and Alice Walker? Why, croquet of course! It’s amazing what you can learn at a Poetry with Friends session.

Tonight’s Poetry with Friends at The Mission was stimulating and extremely enjoyable.


Tonight’s theme was worn, as usual  like a Hawaiian Lei garland around the neck, rather than a dog collar at the throat of a bulging-eyed pitbull.

The theme was Black History Month and it took us from Africa to Australia via London, Birmingham and America. Intelligent debate jostled with a tale of playing table tennis with Susan Sarandon and,er, more William McGonagall.

Poets featured included John Agard, Phyllis Wheatley, Rita Dove, John Masefield, Alice Walker, Sheree Mack, Niyi Osundare and Louise Gluck. Maya Angelou featured four times and Audre Lorde two times.

audre lorde

Tonight was well-attended which meant participants had to leap on and off the poetic Wurlizter in order to share poems. What a ride.

Our next Poetry with Friends at the Mission is on Tuesday 21st October and the theme is Work.

Please visit Happy Planet’s blog for details on how to book plus more info on our other events including Poetry with Friends at Whitley Bay Library on Thursday October 16th http://www.happyplanetcreativearts.org.uk/