I’m reading The Wind in my Wheels by Josie Dew at the moment. It was recommended to me by someone who has cycled all over the place. I’d say the only person who has cycled more than her is Josie Dew who appears to have cycled over most continents.

This year marks 30 years since The Wind in my Wheels was published and there are obvious differences between then and now. Dew’s narrative is making me nostalgic for cycling around a pre-Euro Europe listening to Echo and the Bunnymen on cassette. Imagine!

I’m hoping the book will set me up for a very special gig taking place in Newcastle next week on Thursday 15th September at The Cycle Hub on Newcastle’s Quayside. Caroline Burrows is a writer and a cyclist who is currently on her Turning Pedals in Poems Tour. This one woman tour started in Bristol and is making its way to Berwick on Tweed via the Pennines.

Click on this image to learn more about Caroline

I’ve not heard or read a single line of Caroline’s work and have no intention of doing so before the gig. I want the full @VerseCycle experience! If you’d like to join me next Thursday then click here to buy a ticket. You can follow Caroline on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too. I’m looking forward to meeting Caroline and her bike!

Caroline Burrows and her bike