Ask any specialist dealer of art, antiques or books and they’ll tell you that finding a hidden gem is far more thrilling and inspiring than selling one. The excitement is in the hunt.

You turn up at a house call, an auction, a car boot sale, a sleepy market town’s antiques centre and you have optimism in your heart and money burning a hole in your pocket. What will you find? Original art, rare books? Who knows…but there’s no way you’re going home empty-handed!

I source the second hand books I sell at Tynemouth market from a variety of channels and yes, I have shelves of books I can’t quite let go of…yet! I have to enjoy them for a while.

Take this edition of Flying Saucer Review from 1984. The cover is better than the story, believe me. I’m sure I’ll sell it at some point but for now I’m enjoying the cover. I hope you do too.

Flying Saucer Review 001