Yesterday I caught the last night at The Customs House, South Shields of Kirsten Luckins’ touring….what to call it? Poetic one woman play, spoken musical, acted stanzas?

I’m struggling to find the right words because The Moon Cannot Be Stolen is so fresh, so thought-provoking, so witty, so clever, so touching.

Kirsten is the North East co-ordinator for Apples & Snakes http://www.applesandsnakes.org/ and if it wasn’t for her work in that role, I wouldn’t be out and about sharing my poems with audiences.

She has a way of coaxing strong, authentic performances out of wee timorous poets clutching their files of poetry. I know because I was one of them.

I am so pleased she is sharing her amazing work with more and more audiences. She is a powerful, inspiring performer.

I hope this short Northern tour is not the end of the line for The Moon Cannot Be Stolen.

Check out the show’s blog for more info http://themooncannotbestolen.wordpress.com/

kirsten moon