In 2013 I started collaborating with artist Anne Proctor Through Anne I met the good folk at Willy Nillie in Chester le Street

In 2013 I got to meet and work with Karen Mitchell at The Ballarat Studios and was involved in the 40th anniversary of Iron Press organised by Peter Mortimer

In 2014 Karen, Pete Mortimer and I present Free as a Bard, an evening of spoken word and music at Whitley Bay’s Jam Jar Cinema on Sunday February 2nd

The evening features poets W N Herbert, Eileen Jones and singer/songwriter Ditte Elly.

In 2014 I strongly suspect I will be working with Anne and Willy Nillie again.

Oh yes and what is happening in a Durham semi on Sunday January 12th? Follow Simone on Twitter @SimonesSalon and find out…

Happy New Year