When faced with existential crisis I ask myself the following two questions:

“What would Jimi Hendrix do?”


and “What would PJ Harvey do?”


These are the only questions I need to steer me to the Right Decision.

I love Jimi and thank him for the musical legacy he left behind. As for Polly Jean, well I jump on any interviews she allows, recordings she puts out and try to see her perform live when I can.

I turned on last Thursday’s Today programme and was immediately drawn in by John Pilger talking about the media. I wasn’t surprised to learn that PJ Harvey was the guest editor of that day’s show.

I listened to about half an hour before I had to leave the house but I’ve listened to more of the programme on i player. What an amazing programme. The theme is censorship and Polly has recruited an impressive range of guests.

The show is available on I player for the next year. I urge you to listen, particularly John Pilger’s piece 1 hour and 45 mins in.