banana boxes 1

It’s Thursday. Thoughts turn to prepping for a weekend of secondhand bookselling.

My home is full of banana boxes. Why? Because banana boxes are the perfect size to fill with books and take to Tynemouth market or any book fair for that matter.

I’m not the only stallholder who carries their wares to Tynemouth in these boxes but where do we get our boxes from? Now that would be telling….

This coming weekend is especially busy with the first Tynemouth Station Book Fair of the year on Sunday. Over 50 booksellers selling thousands of books from 10 am to 4pm. There’ll be a heck of a lot of ‘narna boxes hidden under the tables.

The banana boxes in my home have added cardboard and banana tones to the building’s unique odour.

After packing for the weekend I will need a walk by the sea to smell seaweed, chips and the salty sea.

banana boxes 2