If you look around this website you’ll discover my bespoke mentoring service for adult writers of all ages and abilities. I help with kick-starting creativity, reading through and offering advice on work in progress and honing performance skills.

Miles W. Hewitt is one of the writers I’ve helped over the past five years. Miles provided the following testimonial for my website:

Elaine was recommended to me by a friend and fellow writer as an editor and mentor who could assist me with the polishing and copy edit. Elaine took the manuscript and gave it back to me covered in red marks from beginning to end. I realised that I still had a great deal to learn. However, I was encouraged by the positive remarks from Elaine, ‘It’s a good story and your unique voice is coming through.

I persevered as did Elaine and after a further eighteen months of pain, sweat and tears, we arrived at the finished product: Miles & Miles A Lifetime of Travel in Asia and Latin America. The book was published in 2018 and has received many good reviews on Amazon currently with 5/5 stars and likewise on Goodreads in the USA with 4/5 stars. Writing a book is not an easy option. Perseverance, patience and determination are essential…and with Elaine by your side, you will succeed.

Last November I started reading through and commenting on the manuscript of Miles’ second book, Miles & Miles Travels Through a Fragrant Europe. His descriptions of the landscapes, food and people of Spain, France and Italy had me yearning for European travel during lockdown.

A few weeks ago I was typing early one morning when I heard something being posted through my letterbox. It was my inscribed copy of Travels Through a Fragrant Europe. Thanks, Miles! Good luck with the book and I look forward to reading your next manuscript.