Children of Albion Edited & Extradicted by Michael Horovitz


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Penguin, 1970. Reprint of first Penguin edition published in 1969. 18cm by 11cm, 380 pages. Subtitled Poetry of the ‘Underground’ in Britain. Rear cover declares this anthology features “the ‘secret’ generation of more or less British poets whose work could hitherto be discovered only through their own bush telegraph of little magazines and lively readings.” Poets include Adrian Mitchell, Tom Pickard, Edwin Morgan, John Arden, Michael X, Lee Harwood and a handful of women including Frances Horovitz, Libby Houston and Tina Morris. From the library of the late poet, publisher and editor Richard Caddell (1949-2003). Condition: Well-worn spine, covers and pages browned with age but wonderful front cover still burning bright.


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