My earliest poetic loves are what I now know to be comic and so-called nonsense verse. Examples include Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, most nursery rhymes plus Pam Ayres, Stevie Smith and Ivor Cutler.

stevie smith

I say “so-called nonsense verse” because I now know these poems give the reader (and listener) much more than a wry smile. I believe comic and nonsense poetry makes social comments and political statements, helps heal broken hearts and soothes grieving souls.

I’m itching to give you examples of other poets but I’m saving myself for Tuesday night when I’m running a creative writing workshop in Whitley Bay.

The workshop is called Talking Nonsense: in praise of of comic and nonsense poetry. The two hour workshop will look at comic and nonsense version and I’ll be inviting participants to have a go at writing their own verse.

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 11th October 7pm – 9pm at the Happy Planet Studio & Gallery,  Ilfracombe Gardens, Whitley Bay, complete with tuition and refreshments for £20. Booking is essential, so please secure your place with a deposit of £10 here online.