What to wear? What will I wear?! As the days count down to a spoken word gig, I find myself having what I call a “Clothes Faff.”

I used to be embarrassed at this seemingly flippant approach to gigs with me obsessing about skirt length over set length. Over time, I’ve realised it’s the Cusack coping mechanism. It is my way of calming nerves and concentrating on the impending performance.

Next Tuesday 10th May I’ll be performing at Under the Arches alongside Rob Walton and Dean Jolly. This monthly event is hosted by Penny Blackburn and held in Alfie and Fin’s bar in the Land of Green Ginger, Front Street, Tynemouth, NE30 4BP. It’s FREE entry from 7pm and there’ll be open mic slots for prose and poetry on offer.

I’ve sorted out my set list for Tuesday. I’ve got some copies of my books to sell if anyone fancies Loose Threads or Princess and think I know what I’m going to wear on my top and middle. But what about my feet? All of the boots in the photo are made for performing but which ones match my outfit and more importantly, my mood? Wait and see.