I’m running two writing workshops in Whitley Bay in the nearish future. They’re both in the evening at Boo Boo and Ted, 264 Whitley Road in Whitley Bay town centre.

The first one’s on Tuesday 2nd February from 7pm to 9pm. It’s a Haiku workshop. The enduring appeal of Haiku rests on the capturing the essence of a moment (usually involving nature) in a three line poem. Come and learn about Haiku and have a go at writing a few of your own.

The second one’s called Writing the Unwritten and takes place on Thurs 3rd March from 7pm to 9pm. Every picture tells a story but do we ever get to learn what happens to all the characters we see in photographs? Are all loose ends tied up or left hanging? Come and have a go at writing the unwritten stories hinted at in photos and postcards.

For more info and to book pop into Boo Boo and Ted or visit Happy Planet’s website http://www.happyplanetcreativearts.org.uk/p/blog-page_28.html